Krissy A. Stallings

Escaping to play, playing to escape. Writer of erotic romance, sometimes of the forbidden variety with dangerous consequences.

Ghostwriting available.

Contact me to set up a consultation.


M/M, F/F, F/M, M/M/F, F/F/M, age play, forbidden romances of almost any nature*, and romance with or without paranormal elements. I’ll take care of everything. You can have as much or as little input on the plot, story, characters, conflict as you’d like in the outset, and you’ll have the opportunity to offer feedback at least once during the process but no more than twice.
*No pedophilia. No bestiality (“shifters” don’t count). No rape.


(These are general estimates of the time it actually takes me to do the work. Lead times may vary depending on what else I’ve got going on at the time. I’ll give you a clear deadline for the first pass prior to signing the contract and sending the invoice. You won’t go into this blindly.)

• Plot Map, Character Creation, Outline:
3 days per 10k words

• First Draft:
4 days per 10k words

after you’ve reviewed the first draft and made your requests…

• Second Draft:
1 day per 3-5 new scenes
1 day per 5-7 revised scenes
1 day per every 10k words that need cutting or weaving
The flexibility in timeline for revisions and new scenes accounts for the word count difference. Longer works will usually have longer scenes, and therefore take longer to write/revise.

• Third Draft:
If you have any small changes you’d like me to make, I’ll let you know how long it’ll take me. Probably no more than a day, depending on what all I have going on that day. By small changes, a good rule of thumb is that if I can do a find and replace, then it’s a small change. If bits of text require shuffling, cutting, rewriting, revising, or entirely new passages, that’s not a small change and will not be made at this stage.


Something to Talk About pricing

• I’ll send your invoice to you via PayPal under my legal name/address. Kristine Stallings is a pseudonym.

• A deposit of at least 50% of the total fee is due upfront.

• As soon as I turn in your first draft, another payment of 25% is due.

• As soon as I turn in your final draft, the final payment of 25% is due.

• I reserve all copyrights to my work until your invoice is paid in full. The moment I am paid in full, you own the copyright to the work under contract.

• I do require a contract to be signed upfront, which I will send via SignRequest under my legal name/address.

Any other questions, send me a note via the contact form above.


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