Musical Daydreams: Replay

“Wanna put you on repeat, play you everywhere I go.” – Zendaya

Replay (YouTube Link)

I’ll tell you a little “tame” secret about me: I serve a home cooked supper almost every night. I know, not exactly salacious, but I save the juicy bits for the blog. 😉 So anyway, while I’m cooking supper, I’ve usually got my headphones in and Spotify playing. This song is on a couple of my playlists. I love it. It gives me energy and gets me moving. And now I have an idea for a sexy housewife scene/story.

I do so love this writing thing, and exploring my musical preferences is really opening some new doorways in my mind. Do you find inspiration in music?

And, of course, the lyrics via Google Play for Replay.

Bonus Song: Zendaya – Neverland (Incredible video to watch. She can sing, but she can dance like you wouldn’t believe. Check it out. You’re welcome.)


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