Untitled Teaser: Pt. 2 (Work in Progress)

If you haven’t read part one yet, you can find it here: Untitled Teaser (Work in Progress).


Krissy. Cute name for a cute girl. I say girl, but I guess that’s unfair. She looks young, though. Barely legal. But if she’s enrolled in college, she’s at least eighteen. Fair game.

I hadn’t intended to bring her to my truck. But when she mentioned “light play,” I couldn’t resist.

I can handle light play. I’m up for much more than that, but I’ll start slow, for her. The way she stutters when she talks about sex, she can’t be very experienced. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out she’s a virgin.

There’s only one downside to that, though: she won’t want to let me go for a long time. She’ll get sick of me eventually. They always do. And I swore I’d never again fall for a younger woman. Hell, I wish I could find a cougar. I’m only thirty-two. Where are the forty-year-old hotties in this damn town?

There’s that one chick, the Pharmacology professor. What’s her name? Regina, I think. Rebecca, maybe? Something with an R. She’s attractive, older. I just don’t feel what I felt when I laid eyes on Krissy.

She exudes innocence and hope and naivete. Everything a man like me could want in a woman. Exuberance tends to fade with age, though, and young twenty-somethings seem to be my limit.

I know that makes me sound really shallow. But can you help who you are and aren’t attracted to? No, you can’t. And neither can I. But I can stay away from this girl. I’ve avoided all the other fresh-out-of-high-school freshman these last four years. By their second year, the novelty of dating your college professor has worn off, so I don’t even have to worry about those.

But this girl … No, I can avoid her. I work in NDT. She’s in nursing. What are the odds our paths will cross again? Slim.

Decision made. No Krissy. Well, except in the shower. What? A guy can fantasize. My lube’s in the bedroom, though. Gotta get that right quick.

Let’s see … toys. Butt plug, that’s a given. Pocket pussy? Nah, I won’t last as long. I’ll just do it by hand this time. I want to make it last.

I want it nice and hot in here, so I’ll turn on the shower before I get undressed. I like to pretend I’m a stripper, taking my shirt off slowly and waving it around my head, tossing it toward the hamper.

Next come the pants. Slowly unzipping, enjoying the gritty feel of the pull against the fabric of my boxers, rubbing the already hard length of me. Dark End of the Street plays in my mind and my hips sway to the rhythm as I slide my pants down my legs. Just as Percy sings, “They gonna find us, they gonna find us, they gonna find us, oooooooh, some day… ” I kick my pants across the floor. My ass tightens as I’m swept up in the music.

I close my eyes and imagine Krissy approaching, in my bathroom. “Tonight we’ll meet…” She runs her finger under the band of my boxers, “…at the dark end…” teasing the thatch of hair above my dick. “…of the street. You and me.” Raking her fingernails through it. And up, up, up…to the top of my chest. Then, with both hands, she drags her fingernails down my chest, grazing my nipples as she goes lower.

She’s not ready for me yet, though. First, she massages my inner thighs, teasing so close to what I really want her hands on. When I can’t take the teasing any longer, I quickly push my shorts off and step into the shower with the lube and the toy.

Leaning against the wall, the hot water sprays on my chest and trickles down. I move to position myself so that the droplets tickle the swollen head of my dick. It’s the sweetest torture. After lubing up the plug, I work it in as I imagine the water is Krissy’s tongue, gently teasing my cock. When the plug slips firmly into place, I can’t help but jerk as a surge of pleasure races through me.

This is why I don’t use my hand or the pussy until after it’s in. I’d cum before the fun could really start.

Now that it’s in, though… Closing my eyes again, I see Krissy.

Sitting in my truck. Facing me. Legs spread wide. Back arched and tits high. Trembling as I grab her throat with one hand and pull her hair with the other. Crying out in ecstasy as I slide in and out of her. Faster. Harder.

Stop. I have to stop myself, slow down. Make it last. My dick is throbbing, so ready for release. I move my hand away and stand with my back to the water. Tense my asshole around the toy then loosen the muscles, enjoying the feeling even though I know it’s barely moving. The motion’s enough for the plug to rub the right spot, though. I have to stop before I cum just from that.

Quickly scanning my memory for my favorite college-days fuck buddy, Mitch comes to mind. Yeah, he was good. He’d jack me off while fucking me from behind. Jason always thought that was gay. As if fucking a guy in the ass wasn’t. He thought it was different, though. An experiment. Fucked up logic, but whatever. He liked to take it in the ass more than Mitch did, so he was fun too. Just depended on what I was in the mood for.

Gently moving the plug in and out, I imagine Mitch behind me while Krissy kneels in front of me. Gripping my dick and closing my eyes, I tell her to suck it. And she does. She does it so good.

The closer I get to cumming, the harder it is to hold onto any one fantasy. Flashes hit my mind over and over again in random order. Mitch is fucking me in the ass in every one. But sometimes, he’s jacking me off. Sometimes, Krissy is. Sometimes, she’s sucking my dick. Jason even sneaks in there sometimes and I thrust into his tight ass. And sometimes it’s just my hand.

But it works. It all works.

I hold off as long as I can; my legs strain, heart pounds, and I can’t even hear the shower running anymore. When I cum, everything goes white for an instant, but it’s pure bliss. I start coming down almost immediately, but I squeeze every ounce of pleasure I can out of my cock. I keep rubbing and pulling until it hurts, stopping with a final jerk of the hips.

That last pump was for Krissy. All I saw was her bent over, leaning her elbows on the seat of my truck, ass bared for all the world to see. I groan at the thought of fucking her in the ass.

When I open my eyes, my vision is gray. I quickly kneel down, then sit, keeping my head between my knees. I turn off the water and stay down until nausea comes and goes; until the blurry, dark vision passes; until I can stand up without passing out.

I’ve done this shit before. Get so goddamn hot while I’m fucking, or jerking off, in the shower that I nearly pass out. I can’t jack off and choke myself, though, and I’m too chicken shit to use a belt or anything like that. So a hot shower is the closest I can get to what I want to achieve.

It works, but it always comes at a price.

Finally, I’m good. I don’t even bother drying off. I just walk into my room and drop across the bottom of my bed. I’ll get under the covers if I get cold. I should be dry by then, at least.

Remembering the plug, I pull it out and drop it onto the floor. I know, I know. Not very sanitary. Fuck it. I’ll wash the damn thing when I wake up. There’s no one else here to see it.

With that, I wonder what Krissy would do were she to see something like that. A lazy smile tickles the corners of my mouth. My last thoughts are of watching her clean all my toys after we’ve used them. If she gets out of line, I’ll spank the shit out of her. My dreams are gonna be great tonight.


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